Setting up an online fundraising page with Charity Checkout is a simple process. We designed this step-by-step guide to help you create your page. We have also created a video which takes you through the process of creating your fundraising page in real time. If you would still like assistance, please fill out this contact form and one of customer service agents will be in touch to help you create your page.

Follow the below steps to create your online fundraising page:

1. Sign up
You can sign up to Charity Checkout using your Facebook account or an email address. Using a Facebook account to sign up uses the basic personal information found on your Facebook account. If you use an email address you will have to add other information such as your name, address, contact details and password.

2. Target
You will be presented with a page to tell us how much you want to raise. Enter your fundraising goal here, this amount will be shown on your fundraising page. Choose from the drop-down menu to tell us what kind of fundraiser this is.

3. Challenge
Here you choose your campaign name and tell us what kind of challenge you are taking part in along with the start date.

4. Photo
You can add a photo here using your Facebook account or directly upload one from whatever device you are using.

5. Background Photo
You can use your Facebook cover photo, upload one from your device or use one of our general backgrounds. Make sure the photo you choose fits the parameters listed on this page to ensure that it looks good on your page.

6. Biography
Enter your campaign title along with the story of how and why you are fundraising. You can add any information you like here including images and videos.

7. URL
Choose what you want your personal page link to be. This is the web address that you can copy and paste to invite people to donate to your fundraiser. Ideally, this URL will be short and easy to remember.

8. Contact
Let us know how you would like us to contact you.

9. Share
You can choose to share your fundraising page now. You can also choose to share it at any time after this using your personal URL and/or the social share buttons automatically included on your page.

This video shows the exact steps that need to be taken to create your online fundraising page: