Why Enthuse Donations and Fundraising?

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Empower your fundraisers with an easy-to use branded solution

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Your supporter’s fundraising pages are united under your own branded platform with a consistent user journey providing a positive donor experience.

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Access to Enthuse’s Donations & Fundraising back office, providing real-time information.

Peace of mind through secure, tracked payments
All funds are settled directly to your charity’s bank account.

“Brand is the most significant factor in driving a personal connection and commitment to a charity.”

Source – Charity comms

Why are branded fundraising pages important?

We teamed up with a leading charity to run an experiment. We compared the charity’s branded fundraising page powered by Enthuse to another leading fundraising platform – and this is what we found.

Leading charity fundraising page created using Enthuse

Leading charity fundraising page created using another fundraising provider

How did the audience respond to each fundraising page?

This heat map illustrates how participants viewed the page. Each figure represents the percentage of people who looked at a specific brand element (e.g. a logo, banner, etc.)

Charity branding was viewed for


longer on Enthuse compared to the leading consumer fundraiser platform

When asked, nearly


people recalled the leading consumer fundraiser platform’s name instead of the charity’s name

On average


of charity branding was noticed by Enthuse users…

…compared to just


of charity branding which was noticed by the leading consumer fundraiser platform’s users

Where did we get all this data from?

Good question! In July 2021 we commissioned a study to better understand how donors interact with our branded donations pages. The 416 participants were presented with an Enthuse or a leading consumer fundraiser platform’s donation page for the same charity. Afterwards, they were asked a number of questions about their experience.

A special way to honour their memory

In-Memory from Enthuse helps your charity and supporters create thoughtful tribute pages to celebrate the life of loved ones and continue raising funds in their memory.

  • Memorial fundraising pages with a sensitive tone of voice.
  • Tribute funds that stay open for as long as you wish.
  • Customisable templates with the option to add photos, videos.
  • Centralised and secure reporting to save admin time.
See what our clients say

“Enthuse’s branded donation product fitted seamlessly into our sites and helped us raise over £1.7m for local causes, encouraging one off and recurring donations. With amplification for the campaign across Global’s radio stations like Heart, Classic FM and Smooth we benefited from Enthuse’s excellent service and Gift Aid optimisation.”

Jess Moore - Fundraising Campaign Manager
See what our clients say

“Enthuse reduces significant administrative time for our charity by offering a Gift Aid claim service - this helps us spend time building better supporter relationships and focusing on fundraising.”

Erica Snow - Community & Events Fundraising Manager

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