Simple and transparent pricing

We’re the only digital fundraising platform in Ireland that provides you with 100% of each donation. Your charity only pays a small monthly subscription. Other providers will charge at least a payment processing fee, often hidden to the donor and charity.

Our solutions

Powerful online fundraising tools tailored to your cause

No transaction fees


Branded payment solution for regular and one-off digital donations.


  • Core features:
  • Fully branded donation pages.
  • A seamless donation journey.
  • Support for all major payment methods.
  • Your marketing comms opt-in.
No transaction fees

Donations and Fundraising

Digital fundraising and appeal pages customised to your charity’s cause.


  • Core features:
  • Custom branded fundraising, appeal and in-memory pages.
  • Unified data about your supporters.
  • Team & individual fundraising pages.
  • Includes Enthuse Donations.
No donation transaction fees

Donations, Fundraising and Events

Custom all-in-one branded fundraising and events registration solution.


  • Core features:
  • Event registration and ticketing.
  • Auto fundraising page creation.
  • Individual and team leaderboards.
  • Virtual and hybrid events.
  • Includes Enthuse Donations & Fundraising.

Do you raise more than €100,000 a year?

For charities which raise over €100,000 per year Enthuse+ offers a set of premium and white label digital fundraising templates that will supercharge your campaigns to take off in a fraction of the time.

What does 0% platform fee really mean?

0% platform fees have become the norm in the industry and provide an attractive headline for fundraising platforms.

However, when choosing the right fundraising partner, there are a number of costs to consider. The 0% platform fees headline might make you think that a fundraising platform is free, but think about other costs such as payment provider fees. With other fundraising platforms the full costs can sometimes be swept under the rug, but not at Enthuse.

A more transparent approach

At Enthuse, we offer an honest approach to pricing by always including the full cost in our headline messages. This means that charities know from the very start how much of each donation will land in their bank account, and after all costs are deducted. This is the ‘Net donation amount’ and it is the true measure of the overall cost of digital fundraising.

Pricing model

Platform fee
Payment provider fee
Registration and merchandise fee
Ticket payment provider fee
Cost to charity
Donor option to leave a voluntary tip
€19.99 / month
€39.99 / month
3.5% + 49c
2% + 25c
€49.99 / month
Trusted by over 4,000 charities