Every year, millions of people get together to do brilliant things for worthy causes all over the globe. Whether they’re running a marathon or a cake stall, they’re doing something to make our world better. That’s why since 2012, we’ve made it our mission to connect people with the causes that matter to them, supporting them through our branded and personalised online fundraising products. Fast forward to today and we’re pleased to announce we’ve found a new way to support our charities and their supporters.

As the new year approaches, CharityCheckout is set to expand into event registration through the acquisition of Primo Events. Together we plan to create the next generation of event fundraising tools, making raising money for charity a seamless, personalised experience for everyone.

Primo Events has been leading the way in charity event registration for a number of years, and are recommended by major fundraising platforms such as JustGiving and everydayhero. By working closely with these platforms, they’ve managed to bridge the gap between fundraising and event registration – but they’ve been restricted in what they can do. Bolting a third-party fundraising platform onto their charity-branded event registration solution has its limits.

While Primo integrates with all the leading fundraising websites, users still have to leave the charity-branded event registration flow and sign-up to a third-party fundraising site to create their fundraising page. But here’s the problem. Our own research of over 1,000 members of the public recently revealed that 47% of donors are ‘put off’ donating to a charity if they have to join a third-party fundraising platform to do so. What’s more, 46% don’t even remember the charity they donated to when they last sponsored a friend online either. These are two issues we’ll be tackling through the acquisition.

By developing an all-in-one charity-branded event registration and fundraising product with Primo, we’re putting control back into the hands of the charities that will use it, making sure they stay front of mind with their supporters through every step of the fundraising process. And by smoothing out that process, making it end-to-end and effortless, we’re doing our bit to ensure that nothing comes between a cause and the individuals who support it. As for those who’d prefer to send their fundraisers elsewhere to a third-party platform, they’ll still be able to. The existing integrations with JustGiving and Everydayhero will still be supported.

At both CharityCheckout and Primo, we believe that online fundraising should help establish and strengthen enduring relationships between charities and their supporters. By partnering to create the next generation of event fundraising tools, we’re taking a step together toward this shared vision. That’s why we will be retaining the Primo team and their office in Northern Ireland, continuing to invest in the product and support all existing clients to the same high standards as always. Simon Taylor, Primo’s founder, will also take up a new role as Head of Technology at CharityCheckout. Our future together is an exciting one and we look forward to seeing what we can achieve.