There is no better method of online giving for your charity than Direct Debit. 31% of all donations to UK charities are made via Direct Debit these days, so if this is not something you are offering, here are three reasons why you should start offering Direct Debit as an online giving option…

1. Direct Debits are less likely to fail, never expire and therefore last longer

Direct Debits are less likely to fail than a recurring credit/ debit card payment, and more importantly they never expire. This means that the average Direct Debit to your charity can easily last over ten years, whereas recurring credit/ debit card payments will fail when the payment card expires. This is why Direct Debit can result in thousands of pounds in extra donations over the long term.

2. Direct Debits are the UK’s preferred method for recurring donations

Direct Debit is the most popular method of donating to charity on a regular basis. A staggering £1.1bn was given to UK charities via Direct Debit last year, and that was spread across 58 million donations! The majority of donors prefer Direct Debits because they are simple, effective and secure.

3. Direct Debits settle quickly into your charity’s bank account

Direct Debit payments with Charity Checkout will reach your bank account in five working days. It takes just three working days for the payment to leave the donor’s account and two working days further for the funds to be paid into your account.

If you’re interested in Direct Debit for charities, then we’d love to help you get set up – you’ll be winning over new regular supporters in no time!