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Raise more with fully branded solutions customised to your cause.

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"Enthuse are knowledgeable and passionate about their products and were able to demonstrate the key features in an easy to understand format. Any questions I had were answered immediately and I am fully confident that any issues I encounter will be handled quickly and professionally. I highly recommend Enthuse for their product and staff."

Daragh Sheridan - CEO

"The enthuse platform is extremely comprehensive and captures a lot of information. We are delighted by the service we receive from everyone at Enthuse and we get a sense that they are a company who have a genuine desire to help you maximise revenue."

Joanne Pretsell - Community Fundraising Manager
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“A supporter experience that simply takes our fundraisers from event entry to fundraising page creation is essential for our campaign. Enthuse provides an easy to use and highly customisable entry form process and connects it in a seamless way with creating those all-important fundraising pages.”

Guy Aubertin - Director of Fundraising and Operations
See what our clients say

“Enthuse’s branded donation product fitted seamlessly into our sites and helped us raise over £1.7m for local causes, encouraging one off and recurring donations. With amplification for the campaign across Global’s radio stations like Heart, Classic FM and Smooth we benefited from Enthuse’s excellent service.”

Jess Moore - Fundraising Campaign Manager
See what our clients say

“Enthuse is exceptionally user friendly, captures the information we need from our donors and enables us to improve our Charity brand and nurture our supporter relations.”

Karen Hillyer - Chairman

Dedicated customer support for charities affected by Virgin Money Giving closing this November.

  • Quick and easy set up within 48h
  • Choose between Tipping and Donor Fee Cover
  • Continuous income streams

How are we different?

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  • All-in-one donations, fundraising and event registration software with branding capabilities.
  • Full integration across all platforms, no more third party sites and redirects.
  • Virtual event solutions and 100% fundraising page activation for your campaigns.
  • You are in full control of your data. We never send marketing emails to your supporters.
  • UK headquartered, secure and GDPR compliant.
  • We put the charity first. No personal crowdfunding. Full data control. Your brand in the spotlight.


Feature and pricing comparison
Virgin Money Giving
Feature and pricing comparison
Money Giving
Your brand customised across event registration and fundraising pages
Comprehensive set of premium and white label digital fundraising templates
Fully branded donation pages
Ending Nov 30th
Donation solutions
Direct debit payment method
Ending Nov 30th
Apple Pay and Google Pay payment methods
Anonymised giving option
Ending Nov 30th
Unique supporter journeys enabled by customisable donation flows
Custom data capture
Custom thank you message and return web address
Customisable default amounts
Gift Aid Processing
Ending Nov 30th
Guest checkout
Create multiple checkouts
Fully customisable GDPR compliant marketing statement
Fundraising solutions
Automatic creation of fundraising pages as part of event registration
Third-party integration
Appeal and campaign pages
Ending Nov 30th
Fundraise button
Ending Nov 30th
In memory pages
Ending Nov 30th
Fitness app intergration with Strava
Ending Nov 30th
Virtual mapping and events
Ending Nov 30th
Fitness activity totaliser on event pages
Ending Nov 30th
Fitness activity leaderboards on event pages
Race and targeted based virtual event capabilities
Team pages with team fundraising and distance targets
Event registration solution
Fundraising pages created automatically
Third-party integration
Individual, group and corporate registrations and ticketing
Third-party integration
Fully customisable registration flow
Third-party integration
Team registration functionality: create, join and invite
Third-party integration
Complete control over ticketed events
Third-party integration
Multiple conditional form logics supported
Third-party integration
Merchandise and stock control
Third-party integration
Discount codes and promotional offers
Third-party integration
End-to-end testing of the registration flow
Integrated mail-merge tool
Data & reporting
You own the data & the way you ask for future marketing comms consent
Custom data capture during event registration
Third-party integration
Integrated reports on ticket sales and fundraising pages
Third-party integration
Fully GDPR compliant data management
Ending Nov 30th
Customer support
Dedicated account manager
Only for top 100 charities
Phone support for charities and supporters
Pricing and fee models
Fee models
Donor Fee Cover
Ending Nov 30th
Donor Tipping
Event Registrant fee cover
Enthuse Fundraising and Events: £29.99/month
Enthuse Donations: £34.99/month
Enthuse Fundraising: £19.99/month
No subscription fee (pay-as-you-go model). £150 initial set-up fee charged
£15.00-£39.00/month + VAT dependant on amount raised
Platform fees
Payment provider fees
1.9% +20p
Gift-Aid processing
3.5% + 75p per registration or ticket. No fees for free tickets
Third-party ticketing cost
Third-party ticketing costs

All comparisons were made based on out of the box solutions.

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